Bodyvision Train program

By overtraining and training incorrectly you are adding stress to the body, increasing your cortisol and adrenaline levels. By doing this the body slows down to try and balance the stress, therefore slowing the metabolism and gaining weight.

Train correctly and effectively by increasing lean muscle definition and watch your body transform for the long term.

You will love not having to flog yourself in the gym every day, stay calm and enjoy getting stronger and leaner.

Join our Body Vision Train program for the best results that you can maintain for years, not months.

Michelle Explain the Body Vision TRAIN program

These are the benefits-

Strength training 3 times per week will build more lean muscle.

You get to have recovery days in between for low impact exercise such as pilates, yoga and walking so you don’t get into bad habits of overtraining.

Progressively getting stronger with supervision and correction to train safely will lead to great results.

Muscle at rest burns fat for fuel so the more muscle you have the more food you can eat
The days of endless running, jumping, riding are over unless you are training for a specific sporting event.

No HIIT classes or bootcamps required to lose weight.

Lean definition that you can rock in summer.

De stressing the body with the right kind of training schedule ( talk to Michelle for more clarification )so your body can heal and start to reward you with fat loss.

Group Fitness
for 7 days

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