Small Group Training


Our Body Comp sessions are strength based and designed to challenge you so you can get the body composition changes you want- lower fat, leaner body.
You follow a term by term program and track your progress by writing down the weight and repetitions you do each workout session.
This helps to increase your motivation as you see your progress written down each week.

You work in pairs with other motivated ladies who provide support to challenge yourself in a way you simply wouldn’t do at home.

The groups are small (up to 8) so you get a lot of direction and attention to detail.

Michelle is constantly checking to see if you are doing the movement pattern correctly and safely.
These sessions help to develop more muscle and lower your fat percentage as you change your body composition, making you look leaner, fitting into smaller sized clothes

Body Comp is suitable for all strength levels as Michelle works with your base level of knowledge and ability and helps you progress so you feel confident and capable with the weights and equipment.
You will develop confidence in yourself like you’ve never felt before.

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Group Fitness

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