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Do you want to LIVE your life feeling confident in yourself no matter what?
Are you sick of feeling like you’re not good enough?

I have worked with women in the fitness industry for 10 years. I have helped many different women achieve their goals both physically and mentally. However, I began to notice that some women were unable to reach their goals no matter what we did. They were inhibited by their own limiting beliefs, with emotional baggage and pain preventing them from living their life freely. I began to realise that fitness and healthy eating were only part of the solution. The other part was entirely emotional.

The pressure to look and be a certain way has never been more prevalent in our society. There is a pressure for mums to juggle everything seamlessly, for women to look attractive and to project an image of success and happiness to everyone around them. Compounding this pressure is the constant game of comparisons leading to thoughts like:

Why can’t I look like that? I’ll never be that thin. I will never be happy like her. She has the perfect body, I hate mine. She has everything together and I am a mess.

Such thoughts culminate in feelings of insecurity and low self-worth, making women feel like they never measure up. These thoughts turn into limiting beliefs which make life painful and stop you from reaching your potential.

This is where the Body Vision LIVE program comes in. It resets the harmful and self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs which burden women, replacing them with self-acceptance and confidence internally, allowing them to radiate beauty and confidence externally.

That confidence draws people to you like a magnet: the beautiful energy of a woman who knows who she is and doesn’t need anyone else to dictate her self-worth.

I know how it feels to lack confidence, to not feel good enough and always compare yourself to others. I have felt so much vulnerability about myself, doubting my worth and judging myself from appearance alone

This is my story of change:

I am a woman who has been through bullying and teasing as a child. Children can be so cruel and not understand the impact their words have on a person. I became so self-conscious and hated school. I didn’t have the confidence to stand up for myself as I was uncomfortable with attention. I was a scared little girl who would run home, throw myself on my bed and cry after a difficult day at school.

The taunting words of young children led to me feeling like I wasn’t good enough; I felt insecure and vulnerable. My self-worth was very low. I based it on how I looked, not what was inside – a very kind, loyal person who was a great friend to others. This period of my life bore many scars and emotional baggage which led me to feel judged by others based on looks alone. I once had a teenage boy (I was 14 at the time) say to me, ‘nice legs, shame about the face’. This, along with other comments at a very vulnerable age, led me to not value or accept myself as I was. I thought I was ugly and had very low confidence as well as being painfully shy.

It’s amazing how we hold onto that emotional stuff well into our adulthood even though we change and no longer have the bullies around us. I became a primary school teacher, got married, had 4 beautiful children, was successful at founding my own fitness business after moving from my country town to the city. Regardless of my personal success over the years and improvement in my appearance, the scars were still there, deeply embedded in my heart. The jibes and teasing made their mark and at times I was back to that little girl who felt vulnerable, scared and never quite up to scratch.

Our childhood in a way, shapes us and we then have the scars to deal with into our adult years.

I wanted to ‘deal ‘with the feelings of fear, being scared, lacking confidence and self-esteem and generally feeling like I didn’t belong or wasn’t good enough. Over the years my confidence grew but deep down that little, shy, vulnerable girl was still there and would pop her head up at the most unexpected times. I knew I wouldn’t be living a truly fulfilling life unless I addressed those deeper inhibitions from my childhood.

Creatrix helped me fix that little girl, build her up and let her go on her way to feeling brave, confident, worthy and loved by ME.

Watch my before and after video here

My passion is to help women love and accept who they are from the inside and feel worthy and valuable as women, mothers, daughters, partners, sisters, friends. This is the best feeling a woman can have and will then make her feel confident, loved and secure in herself. I know because I now feel that deep sense of worth and love for myself and I want you to feel that too.

With all the destructive thoughts and beliefs gone, you can achieve anything. You become powerful and unstoppable. You live your life on your terms and get the most out of it.

What’s your story? Would you like to rewrite it?
Would you like to heal your relationship with yourself?

How do we get you to this point of emotional freedom and ultimate self-acceptance WITHOUT INSECURITES, DOUBTS AND FEARS?

I use the amazing female-only tool of Creatrix.

So, what is


It’s the missing link in female psychology. Designed specifically for WOMEN by a woman for the unique way the female brain/body works.

It’s a closed eye, break-free process that works on cleaning your perception filters and clearing the unconscious mind of any sabotaging thoughts, feelings and beliefs . Creatrix® works with the head ,heart and the gut. By combining these three ‘centres’ of thought and emotion, a woman experiencing Creatrix® gets aligned entirely

Creatrix® takes epigenetics into consideration. It is fact now that we inherit up to 15 generations of emotional baggage and beliefs, which means the struggles you are experiencing are not created by you – think of yourself as the headache – you know that it exists, you know that it causes pain, but you don’t know where it comes from. The cause of your headache has come from someone experiencing something a long time ago

    • Creatrix® is safe – there is no reliving traumatic, painful or challenging events from your life. A Creatrix® Breakthrough means you can leave your story at the door and work on just what the story is making you feel, regardless of WHY you feel it.
    • Creatrix® has inbuilt reciprocity – when an emotion or belief has been released, you replace it with something more serving and empowering.|
    • What is gained is your own – let’s be real. People can tell you that you ARE worth it. That you are strong. Confident. Amazing even. BUT, being a woman, you aren’t going to believe it until you realise it from within. Your journey and what you gain from Creatrix® is as unique as you are, and it is always exactly what you need.

You know you need Creatrix® when:

    • You have tried everything else and nothing has worked for you
    • You have limiting beliefs
    • You worry about what others think of you
    • You struggle with self-doubt
    • You overthink everything
    • You have a negative mindset
    • You are a people pleaser
    • You can’t let go of the past
    • The past affects your interactions with others
    • You blame yourself for everything
    • You want to get rid of fear in your life
    • You have a fear of not belonging
    • You have envy of others
    • You fear being alone
    • You feel powerless
    • You feel like a failure
    • You live with resentment

How much longer can you put up with this pain and frustration?

Set aside some quiet time and let’s have a chat in a Personal Transformation discovery call to see what is holding you back. You will be aware of those things self- sabotaging you at the deeper level. At the end of the call, I will outline what I have learned, how I can help, and decide if we are a good fit to work together.

I LOVE helping women become emotionally free. When you work with me you will receive my undivided attention to get you the best outcome possible.

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