Bodyvision Life Coaching

Having a coach to help you set goals and a vision for your life is optimal to achieving success in any area in life.

Michelle has helped women overcome challenges in the following areas; with their health and wellness goals, get their nutrition in check, change career paths, set goals and a vision after separation, set financial goals, work towards new and diverse opportunities within their business, expand their career pathways, educate them on mindset tools that contribute to personal growth and generally set life goals and help them step by step in achieving them.

Often women put themselves last and then wonder why they haven’t got to where they want to be or they lack purpose and this really gets them down.

They allow things to get in the way of what they really want for their life.

Often a coach is just the thing a person needs to get them to move forward and reach new potential or new pathways in their life, work, career etc.

Michelle has had experience with coaches over the last 6 years. She has worked with business and mindset coaches to help her set goals with her own business and self-development.

She has learnt many valuable tools to help launch her business in ways she never thought possible.

The challenges she faced in her self -development meant she was out of her comfort zone many times but that comfort zone became bigger and bigger thanks to coaches who wanted to get the best out of her.

Coaches have been the catalyst in Michelle growing, changing and becoming a better person and woman in business.

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