About Body Vision


Body Vision is a boutique health and fitness studio offering Small Group Strength Classes (Body Comp), Matwork Pilates, Personal training and Nutrition Coaching Programs.

Body Vision is a place of motivation and inspiration for women over the age of 40.
You will work with like-minded women who want to achieve their best and feel capable and strong.

We are a friendly, down to Earth bunch, no princesses here.

BodyVision is about total body and lifestyle transformations done over time.

You will never hear us say that you can get the body of your dreams in 6 weeks.

We educate our clients to think about sustainable, longer term lifestyle practises when it comes to eating and exercising so that small changes can happen that are easy to manage for life.

We empower women to-
– Feel strong in their bodies and celebrate their strength
– Be self-compassionate and love who they are
– Be proud of what they are physically capable of
– Be confident and secure in themselves

We Teach women to-
Lift weights correctly and safely.
Stretch for maximum flexibility and movement.
Efficiently strengthen the core and pelvic floor muscles
Exercise and eat effectively for weight loss and body composition changes.
Eat to improve metabolism and hormone balance and optimise overall health.
Listen to the body and tune into it more effectively.
We are your one stop shop of everything EAT TRAIN LIVE


• You enjoy exercising in small groups.
• You are passionate about all things EAT TRAIN LIVE
• You are wanting to train with friendly, down to earth women.
• You love strength/toning classes and pilates and you want quality instruction and supervision.
• You dislike cardio (No HIIT classes here!)
• You want to transform your body and lifestyle so you can gain maximum confidence in your skin.

At Body Vision we want you to feel-








Meet Michelle

Body Vision Melbourne

The People Behind Body Vision

Michelle Agostini

Owner & Trainer

Michelle Agostini

Owner,Trainer and Nutrition Coach

I founded Body Vision in 2009 from a love of Strength Training and all things related to living a healthy, active lifestyle.

My passion is educating women on how to exercise and eat to optimise their health and fitness.

Health is not just looking at one part of the equation. It involves looking at a person’s diet, stress levels, sleep, exercise, hormonal profile, digestion, mind set and overall lifestyle choices and habits.

I believe that maintaining all of these components are vital to a person’s overall health and happiness.

I have been an avid exerciser for over 30 years but over exercised for most of that time.
This left me with a sluggish metabolism and borderline hyperthyroidism.
I thought that the more you exercised the better it was for you and the more results you saw. Boy was I wrong!

I noticed that the things that had worked before weren’t working anymore in my 40’s.
I had to work harder and cut my calories even further to get the same results.
This caused a lot of frustration and exhaustion and was the catalyst to finding a new approach.

Fortunately I stumbled across the Pro Metabolic Approach to eating and exercising and my world changed completely.

This was different to all the mainstream fitness information out there.

No more toxic diet culture and extreme exercising to lose weight.

This new information literally changed my life.

The freedom from starvation diets and overtraining is amazing and life is much more fun as a result.

I am so excited to share this new information with my clients.

I finally found a way of managing my weight that is achievable in every way and doesn’t involve having to have willpower to get through the day.

I love helping women feel confident and empowered through exercise, good nutrition and mental and emotional wellbeing.


Work with me to restore your metabolism, lose weight and get in the best shape of your life no matter how old you are!

Call or message to chat about your needs and concerns.

Education and Qualifications

Owner Body Vision Health and Fitness 2009+
Certified Nutritionist
Personal and group trainer
Advanced Pilates Instructor including pre and post natal
Diploma of Weight loss consulting
Health and Wellness Coach
Bachelor of Education – NSW Dept of Education Primary School teacher for 17 years



Michelle has trained me very differently to the other 4 trainers that I have had. I have lost 5kg, and am fitter and stronger and I look leaner than I have in years…


Michelle’s personal attention to details gives me far more than I could ever hope to get from a gym or a larger group class and I am appreciative of all she does…


I would highly recommend BodyVision – Michelle caters to all fitness levels and takes the time to understand each client’s needs…


I am in my 40’s and I have battled with depression over the last five years. Family, friends and my doctor recommended exercise for my overall wellbeing…


I don’t quite know how to put into words how much I appreciate Michelle and how much my life has changed since walking into BodyVision…

I really want to thank you Michelle for the coaching and positivity.

I have been coming to Michelle’s Pilates classes for over 3 years…


I met Michelle and I can truly say she changed my life.


I absolutely love coming to Body Vision and that is credit to Michelle and all the hard work she puts in to make it a great experience every time…


I always know I’ll feel better after a class I’ve been to no matter what mood I was in beforehand! Michelle is a rare breed, she genuinely cares about her clients and it shows in the results she gets from us…


As mums, we all lead busy lifestyles, and looking after your personal health is not often on the list of priorities. This changed after I joined Body Vision…


I’m really happy being a member of Body Vision and it has benefited me so much and I wouldn’t look back…